Artwork Inspection

Ensure your packaging's information and artwork are right and fit as a fiddle. Label and artwork errors typically occur if the applied label rolls or foil rolls are incorrect, damaged or placed incorrectly.

Ensuring correct information is crucial, as it informs consumers about the package’s content before they decide whether to purchase the product and protects consumers in relation to food allergens. The appearance of the food labelling also differentiates the product to make the product appealing to consumers.

Barcode Inspection

Scanner tags play an indispensable part in making business measures productive. Ensure your barcodes are right and in fine shape with our standardized tag investigator.

Correct, readable barcodes ensure that prices are entered correctly at the counter and makes transactions faster. And with the increased prevalence of retail self-checkout systems, it is essential for the customer experience that consumers can scan products barcodes easily.

IML Packaging

Packaging is regularly the essential portrayal of an item – perfect integrity is fundamental.

Packaging today represents an essential part of a product throughout its entire travel along the supply chain. Therefore, packaging often has to meet both functional and appearance requirements being determined by the production process of the packaging material itself.

Surface Inspection

Secure perfect product integrity with complete examination of web or metallic surfaces.

Catching defects that are challenging for the human eye to be detected.

Food Inspection

The wide use of our frameworks also implies that we can inspect explicitly what is imperative to producers and their clients. Other than guaranteeing that all bad food products are dismissed from the preparing line, our system permit makers to get information and gain from all reviews made to advance the handling.